Bowing down
You must bow down and worship to the image I have made when the music plays
Musicians playing music

“Mousky in the Fire”

Animation attracted me with a fascination of character movement with simplicity causing drawings to come to life.  Animation gives life to our imagination while creating an illusion of movement in action through storytelling. Although humans are inspired visually, adults and children need a happy feeling they can relate to where good wins over evil and is not too violent. Creativity, attention to details, time, and a large team are involved in creating digital animation.  Having inspiration and then making that inspiration to become a reality was challenging but rewarding.  Mousky initially was created through a dream.  A dream of creating Biblical stories using mice for animation.  

Mousky was my pet mouse years ago who was saved from the jaws of death-the jaws of a snake.  Because of the protection Mousky had, he lived for almost four years and started to get gray around his whiskers.  After the passing of Mousky, the dream came to me to do Biblical stories with animated mice using the main character of Mousky.  The story Mousky in the Fire was taken from the Book of Daniel chapter 3 of the three Hebrew children Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace.  I changed the three Hebrew names to Mousky, Housky, and Bensky and animated the mice for the story.

Mousky in the Fire was designed in Adobe After Effects 2D animation.  I have worked with Toon Boon, a 2D animation software.  My preference in working with animation would be 3D animation either Maya, Cinema 4D, or similar software because of the life-like image.  In my artwork, I like to capture the beauty of using mice for characters portraying Biblical stories through animation.

I will continue to explore all methodologies of animation which can lead me to make room for further creativity.